Thank God for Chocolate Cake!

Have you ever had one of those yukky days when everything goes wrong, no matter how hard you try, the whole day just flies out from underneath you, takes off on its own, and seems bent on messing up everything you do, stirring up more problems, more issues, and more work?  Ugghh!

And then you feel discouraged, dumb, inferior, incapable, useless, withered, exhausted, done in, etc.  Uuuuuuuugggghh!!!!!!

You go home, get into your comfy flannel jammies, feeling down and dejected, and your tummy grumbles – “need food!” But nothing sounds good – nothing that’s good for you anyway.  You need a treat, something yummy, something that’s not good for you, something bad – oh yeah, something that will make you feel good!  Aaaah yes, comfort food!

And then you remember – left over from last night – oh yeeesssssss!!!!!


ImageRich, dreamy, smooth, moist, luscious, soothing, soul reviving chocolate cake!!

Now, for those of you who don’t like chocolate – I will pray for you – because you are missing out on one of life’s most miraculous healing tools!!

But for those of you who know what I’m talking about – there’s just nothing like a big slice of rich, deep, yummy, super moist, super chocolaty, chocolate cake, topped with thick, rich, dark chocolaty, creamy icing! Oooooooohhhhh Lord – it just soothes my soul and all that ails it!!!!  Makes me feel delectably worthy and able again.

Thank God for chocolate cake!

 (And might I add here that I make a baaaaaaaaaaddddd chocolate cake!!)

Well, what about when that delectable chocolate cake isn’t available? Or Heaven forbid – you don’t like delectable chocolate cake? (Unfathomable to me, but, hey, whatever floats your boat J) 

I realized something a few days ago that put me on this thought path; having my daily personal quiet/devotional/meditation time, for me, provides that same delectably worthy and able feeling, deep down in my soul – that same delectable feeling that chocolate cake gives me after I have liberally imbibed. It simply soothes my soul and all that ails it.

 But, for me, just like that amazing chocolate cake, the right ingredients have to go into the mix, or I’m left wanting, feeling that something is missing.  Without the main ingredient – rich, decadent chocolate – it’s just not chocolate cake, right?

In my quiet time, my main ingredient is God.  Like chocolate, God just simply soothes my soul. He and His awesome words of truth and love lift my spirits.  They assure me that I am not alone, that I am loved, just as I am, faults and all.  They tell me that, yes, I will have bad days along with the good, that there are times I will fail, times I will do the wrong thing.  They acknowledge I’m not perfect, but that it’s ok!

And then they tell me I am beautiful, that I am beloved, and that I matter, that I am worth it, and that I am precious!!  No matter what!!!  And when I talk to God while reading these Words, I get that incredible, delectable, rich chocolate cake feeling, deep down in my soul.  And then everything is better once again. 

Bible 2 compSo, I invite you – try some daily personal quiet/devotional/meditation time.  Reflect upon the good, positive things in your life. Everyone has some, every day of their life – you just have to look for them.  If you don’t already have an open, daily dialogue with God, I recommend you try it.  Today!  Just start talking to Him like He was sitting there right next to you.  Tell Him about your day; ask Him to give you peace.  Devour a piece of His rich, dreamy, chocolate cake – Scripture – as often as you can.  Guaranteed not to put pounds on you, instead, it takes tons of worry and sorrow OFF! Try some today and experience that soul-satisfying, spirit lifting, yummy, delectable, good feeling!

Yes, thank God for Chocolate Cake

His kind is the best

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