Peaceful, Nice Veteran’s Day to You!

Peaceful, Nice Veteran’s Day to you all!

In reflection today of those in my family, and those from around our Country who have served, and yet serve, and in thinking particularly of the changes that serving can and does make in our troops and their family’s lives, I came across this song Stand With Me by the band Downhere. It carries the message I wish to say to each of these faithful, serving in our Armed Forces –

I will stand with you!

May our entire Country stand with each of you, today, and always – God bless you and your families, and thank you for putting yourself out there for your Country and each of us. I appreciate each one of you

Tiff and Chris in Uniform
Welcome Home Son-in-Law
Richard Aaron in Uniform
Brave Nephew
Brave Neice
Brave Niece
Billy, Mindy, Cyndi in Terminal
Welcome Home Brother
Dad in Uniform
My Korean Veteran Dad
Billy in Guard Uniform
Hero Brother
Billy in Navy Blues
Awesome Brother
Honor Guard at Dad's Funeral
Veteran Honor Guard
Salute at Dad's Funeral
Veteran Honor Guard Salute at Dad’s Funeral

  Billy Taking Navy Oath

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