“And Then I Knew He Was Mine”

This is awesome – will put a huge smile in your heart! Caroline is quite an inspiration ❤

Beautiful Life with Cancer

The heat and humidity of the Georgia July summer welcomed the fourth daughter into a family of what would eventually consist of eight children.  I followed and imitated a God that was preached in my church and home. Life was life and I never questioned it.  My little heart dreamed a dream of my own life and my own plans that I longed for day by day.

My fairy godmother waved her wand and I was Cinderella at the ball dancing with my prince.  James looked into my eyes and I was loved like I never thought possible for a maid covered in cinders.  But then I heard the clock strike midnight and I ran.  I ran from a God that gave me cancer.  I ran from a God that did not promise health to my miracle baby.  I ran from a God that could take everything from me with…

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  1. My very wise mother once said, “You will rarely regret the words you don’t say, but you may often live to regret the words you do say.” Very, very wise advice. I have remembered those words on many occasions when tempted to say something that wasn’t very nice.

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