Sometimes You Gotta Laugh

Sometimes you gotta laugh anyway…

So, today, after being up all night, coupled with a minor procedure with anesthesia very early this morning, I was wiped out and in need of a heavenly treat, so of course I decided to make cookies – my favorite go-to for a sweet and guilty pick-me-up 🙂

My fave right now are big, soft, chewy ginger cookies, so I labored (lol) and worked hard at making a perfect batch (seriously, so hard that I broke one of my beaters in the middle of mixing and splattered dough all over everywhere – Ugh!) and began to fill the baking pans.

But then I got distracted with some wonderful (but potentially sad for me) news via texts from my daughter. While my heart and brain were digesting that news, I forgot to grip the bowl better with my less than perfect hands and that big, glass, favorite of mine bowl just slipped right through my fingers and onto my hard, tile floor! And it shattered. Grrrrrr!

There it arranged itself into thousands of tiny little crystal pieces. And, right in the middle of all those sharp little pieces sat my beautiful, perfect ball of ginger cookie dough! Now decorated nicely with tiny little crystals. But très mal, not the kind you can eat 😦

Grrrrr! Drat! Drat! Drat!

So I put the blessed, already filled pans into the oven and grabbed the broom to clean up the blessed glass pieces all over my floor. Only problem – the rug. Super tiny crystal shards were now deeply embedded. No problem, I’ll just vacuum, right? Wrong – just in time, as I am about to lift the heavy vacuum, I remember I’m not supposed to lift anything heavy for a few days. And I sure don’t want to re-do that not-so-nice procedure, so I don’t lift it. Not an easy acquiescence for this independent, do-it-yourselfer.

I will just have to ask my hubby to run the vacuum for me. Yes, thank Goodness, my husband does know how to vacuum 🙂

He’s not here right now though, so I go in the living room to keep from tracking the little, but dangerous crystal shards from the rug to the rest of the house. And I get distracted with texting again. I forget that I am baking on “convect bake” which is supposed to be a perfect science but isn’t, which means I need to peek at the cookies before the timer goes off to be sure they are not done earlier than the oven’s computer thinks they should be. But I was nicely distracted.

So the timer goes off and I gingerly 😉 run to the oven and check the cookies and yes they’re done and I pull them out. Oh yummy – I can’t wait to sink my teeth into one of these gorgeous, ginger pieces of heaven!

But wait! Looks like some of them have crispy golden edges. Friends, let me tell you, if you want CHEWY, SOFT ginger cookies, you do NOT want crispy golden edges! Waaaaaaaa!

So, while I’m lamenting this sorrow, my wonderful hubby comes in and I explain the situation and my hubby to the rescue gets out the vacuum and finishes cleaning up. But brilliant guy that he is, he first suggests that I move the cookies away from where he will be vacuuming so they don’t get dust on them.

Oh was he ever so smart – you know why? Because I took those beautiful ginger babies right into my study with me and I studied them good. And lo and behold they still looked good enough to eat and I picked up one of those beauties, and you betcha – I ate it! And another one too :0 And oh yes, they were both soft, chewy, ginger perfection!

So, after crying in frustration, with being so tired and everything going wrong, I decided I just had to laugh it off. And I must say I do feel a bit better after turning my frown upside down and having a cookie or two. Wink wink. This whole thing wouldn’t have been as frustrating if the events leading up to the cookie making had been normal and I wasn’t attempting to bake while sleep deprived and feeling taxed from the earlier anesthesia. Lesson maybe learned. And maybe not. Wink wink with grin.

After all, when you want a heavenly, big, chewy, soft ginger cookie, you just gotta have one! You should try one of these delicious beauties yourself. Here’s the recipe link, it’s more than worth trying.

I use organic sugar, which is a bit darker and grainier and adds to the yummy taste and texture, and I add slightly more cinnamon and ginger because I love those spices!

I pray you all are having a nice Christmas holiday and I wish you tons of blessings in the New Year. Don’t forget to laugh a little along the way, and most important – don’t forget to take Jesus with you!

I am honored and ecstatic to say that I have been nominated for two (2) Sunshine Blogger Awards – one from Theodora, author of the Amazing Grace Blog, and one from Beverley, author of the Becoming the Oil and Wine Blog. You should venture over and check out each of their uplifting and wonderful blogs. I know you will feel uplifted and blessed through their encouraging words. Thank you so much Theodora and Beverley! I will post all the details as soon as I get them all together on my next post.

Love and joy,


A cheerful heart is good medicine, but a broken spirit saps a person’s strength. Proverbs 17:22

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    1. Me too! They really are delicious and with a nice hot cup of tea, laced with a Ricola herb throat drop, I am in Heaven! I seem to be needing to laugh at my own antics more these days – I hope that’s not a permanent trend – haha! Blessings to you ❤


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