Are You a Pleasing Aroma?

I love the sound of being a pleasing aroma, don’t you? And being redolent with life sounds totally amazing! I looked up the word “redolent” and it means “strongly reminiscent or suggestive of.” So, being strongly reminiscent or suggestive of life – yes please!

According to 2 Corinthians 2:15-16, we, and our lives are a pleasing aroma, redolent with life when we are following Christ.

This means living, loving, being, all to the glory of God, and not ourselves.

All to the glory of God – sounds beautiful, doesn’t it? But, let’s face it, in reality, sometimes that’s pretty hard to accomplish.

I’ll admit, at times it’s hard to want the good thing I have done to reflect only God’s goodness and not a little bit of my own too. I mean, we all need some affirmation, a little pat on the back, a little acknowledgement to let us know we are appreciated, right? We need to be seen, to be heard, to be known. If we give all the glory to God, then we, and our efforts might be unseen or overlooked. Do you sometimes feel this way too?

But, aha! This Scripture shows we do get glory.

The beautiful glory we get in serving God, in giving it all up for Him? We get to be a “pleasing aroma, redolent with life!”

Aaaaaahh! I love that! Then we are not overlooked, after all! When we are following Christ, allowing all we say and do to reflect God’s glory, we smell so good and give off such vibrancy that we can’t help but be seen, heard, known (and smelled lol) not only by God, but also by those all around us! And that’s a beautiful thing indeed.

Realistically speaking though, what does being redolent with life look like in our daily lives? We become more radiant, joy-filled, kind, loving, compassionate, generous, peaceful, patient, good, self-controlled people. We love extending grace, mercy and forgiveness to others. (Look up Fruits of the Spirit) In being and doing these things we are giving off a pleasing aroma that is redolent with life – the rich, full, everlasting life that Christ bought for us on the cross. That rich full, everlasting life that filled our hearts to overflowing the day we first believed and accepted that gift of love from Jesus.

When we are practicing these things, it’s like having a nice, big hug of affirmation and a super good feeling inside that we’ve done something good. And when we feel that way, it is so attractive, so pleasing to others, they will see it, feel it, and want to have it too.

I can’t think of anything more wonderful or beautiful than that, can you?

Choose to have life…choose to be life…and live!

I am praying for each of you and the beautiful, sweet aromas you are. Much love ~ Mindy

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