My Weapon

Today I am tired, I feel worn, and my mind wants to complain. Complaining is not really in my nature, so I feel grumpy and off.

I pull out my planner to start the day and this little, old stickie catches my eye. It looks tired and worn and some of the words are faded. But the message is clear.

Worship is my weapon.

WORSHIP is my weapon.

Worship IS my weapon.

Worship is MY weapon.

Worship is my WEAPON.


Yes, that’s what I need today!

You see, through crisis, I have learned that when we engage in worship, our hearts and minds are naturally lifted. Our spirits become centered on our Heavenly Father, and he is GOOD! So, when we worship, our hearts and minds go to a good place. A place of honor, of beauty, of strength, of love. A place of renewal.

You ask, “What about when I’m at work or around a bunch of people?”

Not to worry. Our spirits can communicate with God without making a sound. Think about your favorite worship or praise song. Picture the words up on a big screen in your mind. Let the emotion of those words flow over you. Now sing them in your heart! You can savor the words on your tongue and reverb in your throat without ever opening your mouth. Let go and experience the uplifting those beautiful words bring as you connect with your God and Savior!

Worship is YOUR weapon.

Yes, worship is your weapon against all those things that distract, depress, hinder, tempt, waylay, hijack and keep you from doing all those things you need to do.

When we worship, our hearts and minds are open for God to infuse us with his love and power. Our spirits are reset as we connect with our Creator. Even just a few quick moments, whether out loud, or silently in our heart, do so much good.

Ready to give it a try?

Here’s a good song to get you started. Savor the words that connect with your heart and worship! Let me know how it goes.

Love you so much ~ Mindy 💜

4 thoughts on “My Weapon

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  1. Mindy, thank you for the testimony and message!; and the song was perfect! God has blessed you with a wonderful gift of putting pen to paper, with words that are so inspiring , and always touch my heart! Keep up the good works !! Love you so much!

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